Reformer Pilates

Experience the Reformer Pilates hype at CHANGE while getting sweaty and sculpted. Whether you are a first timer or experienced Pilates lover, our classes will meet all of your needs. Reformer Pilates at CHANGE provides significant benefits for overall physical fitness and well-being. By participating in these classes, you can expect improvements in crucial areas such as your strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, and balance.

The best part? Our Reformer Pilates studio features a Himalayan salt-wall, which helps reduce stress, enhance energy and supports your immune system, amongst many other benefits. You’ll feel energised in every class thanks to the ambiance of our salt-wall studio!

You will also receive a cold eucalyptus scented towel at the end of your class, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Reformer Signature

A full body strength and toning workout which is challenging but leaves the participant with a feeling of achievement. Signature Reformer caters from first timers to experienced Pilates lovers, through regressions and progressions. The classes are dynamic and energetic, continuous movement where each exercise has a purpose and targets muscles to overload. The class energy and atmosphere is energetic and upbeat  and incorporates a balanced variety of  exercises and Pilates equipment such as Pilates balls and circles.

Reformer Stability

Flowing smoothly from one exercise to the next with minimal spring changes. Reformer Stability is all about control and a sense of effortlessness in your movement with a large focus on your core.  The goal is to balance equal measures of stretch and flexion for a dynamic all over body workout suitable for all levels. Drawing from a broad scope of Pilates repertoire and utilising hand held Pilates equipment.

Reformer Strong

This longer 50 minute workout includes intermediate and advanced level reformer progressions. It offers a combo of intense upper body, lower body, core and oblique work combining a repertoire, pace and flow to create a uniquely powerful workout from the inside out. Expect resistance and endurance challenge, spicy core and leg work and the right amount of flexibility and realignment. Hand held Pilates equipment included.